Games Convention 2008 newsLast weekend i had the pleasure to visit europe’s biggest game industry exhibition in leipzig. A friend of mine and i went there sunday, the last day of the exhibition. Therefor it wasn’t too crowded. Last and first time i went there was 2006… the saturday… and it was fullll of visitors. Not a bad thing but very exhausting in the end. A lot of big things to see there. From wow to call of duty 5. There was also a smaller area for digital art. Some familiar pieces i recognized from the expose books i’m in too. They also had some workshops about 3d stuff as well as some painting/2d matters. It was very interesting. Watched a matte painting workshop hosted by an internet buddy of mine. Nothing new to learn but interesting nonetheless! I also noticed more female visitors at the show. I guess the concept of the nintendo wii and ds are paying off with attracting non-hardcore gamer types to videogames. Overall i must say that the games become more and more like movies. The visual quality is pretty stunning… and will get much much better in the next years. No idea where it leads to. Well knowing that the games industry, worldwide, already makes more money than the movie industry.

So much for this!



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