This one was an idea i had in my head for the last few weeks. I took it to refine my skills using vue and photoshop to create some cool concept arty like stuff. Much like the ‘chase III’ piece, which i finished a few days before this one, i wanted to show a pretty desolate place. The sci-fi background story ‘could’ be something like mining corporations that try to drill for very rare materials on extremely dangerous planets. Due to the atmospheric conditions on that planet some very rare materials could evolve there. Of course there are companies that would risk everything to get those. To work on mines like the ‘shield mines’ is definitely not comfortable. The atmosphere outside consists of floating fires that could burn a man within seconds. It’s as dangerous as it is beautiful. Only special equipment makes it possible to go outside. Of course no one really ‘wants’ to go outside. In the end you can only hope for a cool breeze. =)

Original Specs:

3600px wide – 15 hrs – apophysis – vue – photoshop

wallpapers available

The artwork on:



3 Responses to “THE SHIELD”

  1. Ninjai Gang Says:

    I was looking through your different blog posts… you really are a good artist. What medium do you use to do all your art?

  2. Tigaer Says:

    all info about how i create my pictures can be found in the description to each artwork. basically it’s a mix of different mediums. 2d/3d combined in photoshop. lots of experimenting and having fun. :)

  3. Jens Says:

    Really love the reddish colours, you can almost feel the heat.

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