Book: Die Tricks Der Photoshop-Profis

Galileo Design

Mid 2013 the German publisher Galileo Design approached me asking if I’d be interested in writing a Workshop for an upcoming book release. I previously worked with them on a Video Workshop project which turned out really nice. After a short time thinking about the offer, I sat down with them and talked about what we could do for the book. We ended up with my suggestion to bring interested people a little closer to what’s all possible with Fractals. In my eyes Apophysis deserves more exposure since I find it a very inspiring and creative tool to create some really cool looking stuff. Just today I noticed that my last released Fractal piece was 2009. A far too long time! So it doesn’t surprise me how much fun I had creating the piece I did for the Workshop. The book itself comes in truly top shape quality. Especially the paper quality surprised me and is really worth every cent. Also a big thanks to everyone involved for their advice and help during the writing process!

If you are good with the German language then maybe the book might be something for you.

Galileo Design: here

Amazon: here

Find the artwork “Harmony In Colour” here.



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