I’m On Facebook!

tigaer-design.com newsI really am a very very very big Facebook skeptic/critic (for all the right reasons if you ask me). There is rarely a week going by where I’m not reading any weird news about what they can do with all the things you post on that site. So I avoided it as good as possible. Recently though I spoke with a couple of friends about it all, and when it comes to promoting my work, even the skeptics among them told me to go for it. After literally 2 months of thinking back and forth I decided to give it a try. So yeah, there I am, still looking a little confused at what Facebook can do. It’s really a beast and luckily some of my friends guided me through it. Especially the privacy and security settings. A big thanks out to them.

There are already some things up and ready for you to view, but I have other things planned to do on my Tigaer-Design.com Page – well, aside of the usual posting of artworks, I also plan to drop a couple of detail snapshots of my artworks every now and then. Due to the fact that I’m a little ridiculous with putting detail in my pics, that no normal being could ever see on the downsized pics I usually post. The pics within pics so to say. =) There are a couple posted already. Larger than the usual print preview pictures I create for my bigger projects.

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