Exposé 6 Available

expose 6
newsOver the past 4 weeks i got my editions of the latest release of the expose digital art book series. We are now on number 6. In #6 i was lucky enough to become featured with my ‘long way home‘ matte painting. Once again i have to say that i’m very proud to have my art right next to some very very talented people’s work. It’s a book of dreams. All the worlds and ideas you see within the art really captures you and is a great source of inspiration.

Again i recognized a lot of work in the book that i saw on communities like cgsociety or deviantart earlier. Lots of fellow artists made it into the book and i want to congratulate them on this occasion.

The books themselves are made of a great quality which makes them really worth their cash. I even got me some gloves that i use when i skim through the pages of the books. I don’t want to ruin the quality too soon.

For The Books Check Here: Get Expose6



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