CITIZEN ERAZED Animation with Sound

matte painting studyWhen i submitted the video to the various video galleries on the net, i also asked for sound designers who might be interested in doing some tunes for the shot. I think sound and music lift certain movies into higher spheres… especially when it’s atmospheric thick setups like the short movie i did with that painting. Music and sound helps to transfer the actual idea to viewer much much better. Two people contacted me because of my request. One made me a nice sound effect and the other created a very cool music piece.

Creds go out to:

Sound Effects

Ricardo Pacheco –


Mhana –

Here the final video shot with sound.

Citizen Erazed – High Quality:750px Quicktime (12.5mb)

Citizen Erazed – High Quality:750px Quicktime (No Sound) (6mb)




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