CITIZEN ERAZED – 2.5d Animation

matte painting studyFinally i got everything together with this animation. All done with after effects. I really learned some neat things on that project and want to take this chance to thank everyone who gave me hints on what to improve on the thing, while i was still working on it. It’s a short but nice animation i think. I hope you enjoy it. Even if the subject matter of the animation is pretty depressing. =) Find all the links, to my previous animations, below…

Citizen Erazed – High Quality:750px Quicktime (12.5mb)

Citizen Erazed – High Quality:750px Quicktime (No Sound) (6mb)

Citizen Erazed – YouTube: Low Quality

Citizen Erazed – cgsociety: Low Quality

Citizen Erazed – deviantart: Low Quality

Sound Effects

Ricardo Pacheco –


Mhana –

Trilith – YouTube: Low Quality

W.O.L.F – YouTube: Low Quality

Trilith – cgsociety: Low Quality

W.O.L.F – cgsociety: Low Quality

Trilith – High Quality: Quicktime Movie (Very HQ 70mb)

W.O.L.F – High Quality: Quicktime Movie (Very HQ 85mb)



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  1. Ricardo Says:

    I can provide sound if you still need it :)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    a mail is underway to you sir. *nod*

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