Solitude In Chaos

Solitude In Chaos

A just for fun project made with the free program apophysis and completed in photoshop. The piece does not have a deeper meaning. It’s just thought to ‘look’ cool, and i hope it does. ;)

Original Specs:

9000×6000 – 20hrs fractal render time – 10hrs ps work – intuos3 – final psd size 1.3gb

Wallpaper Pack

800×600 1024×768 1280×1024 1600×1200 2560×1024 (ca 2mb)

Wallpapers can be found here.

Detail shots to see and feel the depth of the original image: link

windows 7 themepack
Windows 7 ‘Solitude In Chaos’ Theme Pack -> Here – Just download and doubleclick to install – if you have any additional questions… just let me know!

All pictures in this Theme Pack are copyrighted by and may not used or reproduced without permission. Thank you very much.


2 Responses to “Solitude In Chaos”

  1. Osokin Says:

    It’s absolutely amazing. Some dark? but it’s looks very beautifull

  2. Emisa Says:

    now i saw this. too late
    anyways, love it :)

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