Bold Visions By Gary Tonge

bold visions

Yesterday i found out that a dear friend of mine finally got a release date for his digital art book. I’m talking about gary tonge. He’s somehow one of my main inspirations and one reason why i’m doing what i’m doing today. It’s been a while since the meet the inspiration interview i did with him but i’m glad to see an artist like him spreading the word out there. That ‘digital’ doesn’t necessarily means ‘easier’ to do. His book will make clear that there is still a lot of work involved. That it is still ‘art’ we are doing there. It all follows the same rules and needs the same ingredients. Patience, passion and a will to learn for, probably, forever.

Bold Visions – Digital Painting Bible on Amazon
(released July 15th 2008)

Meet The Inspiration – Gary Tonge (engl)

Meet The Inspiration – Gary Tonge (deu)



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