Luminarium Exhibit #23

Monday, April 14th, 2014

The Luminarium Exhibit #23

After a longer break it’s time for the 23nd Exhibit of The Luminarium Artgroup: Kibernetik. This time it’s all about technology and how it can influence the world within and around us. As usual there are quite some amazing works to see and enjoy. Digital art, Abstract, Digital painting, Photography and Music. For me it’s always an honor to be amongst such talented people and have my work side by side with theirs. This time I tried my luck with a picture that, in all honesty, wasn’t intended for this Exhibit release. I’m therefor thanking the members of the group for voting my piece in and allowing me to be a part of this, yet again, formidable collection of digital art.

All of the works, from all kinds of different fields of expertise, surely are a nice source for inspiration! So be sure to check it out -> Kibernetik

The Luminarium: WebsiteDeviantartShadowness



Galileo Press – Short Fractal Workshop (German)

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Galileo Design

Here we have a short workshop showing how to work with Apophysis Fractals in Photoshop. It’s in German language but it’s not a big problem if it’s not a language you master. You can pretty much see how it’s done. Nothing too complicated if you have some basic Photoshop experience. =) The video is thought to be a small teaser for the Book Die Tricks Der Photoshop-Profis, where I also discuss how to make the Fractals within Apophysis. Among other details that can help you to create a stylish picture. For now have fun with this little workshop! Additionally, as a small gimmick, I included the final result of the workshop in different wallpaper versions to the project materials. Enjoy!

Find the artwork “Harmony In Colour”, that was created for the mentioned book, here.

Find a nice wallpaper pack, from the image created in the workshop, here.



Book: Die Tricks Der Photoshop-Profis

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Galileo Design

Mid 2013 the German publisher Galileo Design approached me asking if I’d be interested in writing a Workshop for an upcoming book release. I previously worked with them on a Video Workshop project which turned out really nice. After a short time thinking about the offer, I sat down with them and talked about what we could do for the book. We ended up with my suggestion to bring interested people a little closer to what’s all possible with Fractals. In my eyes Apophysis deserves more exposure since I find it a very inspiring and creative tool to create some really cool looking stuff. Just today I noticed that my last released Fractal piece was 2009. A far too long time! So it doesn’t surprise me how much fun I had creating the piece I did for the Workshop. The book itself comes in truly top shape quality. Especially the paper quality surprised me and is really worth every cent. Also a big thanks to everyone involved for their advice and help during the writing process!

If you are good with the German language then maybe the book might be something for you.

Galileo Design: here

Amazon: here

Find the artwork “Harmony In Colour” here.



2014 Sounds So Scifi!

Monday, January 6th, 2014 news

Here we go into a new year. Hope everyone had some good days with friends, family or both! This time it’s 2014. Me being born in 1982 the number 2014 sounds so Scifi that it’s hard to believe we live in that year now. Now let’s see if there are some more cool pictures coming along this year. Of course there will be wallpapers which, I hope, will get a chance to grace your computer desktops! Until then… have a nice and successful year!


Exposé 10 & 11

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Expose 10 & 11

Last year I missed posting a neat little article about Exposé Vol. 10 due to various reasons. So a little review for it now. But hey, what else to say than ‘amazing’. Again the quality is just wonderful. Congrats to all the artists who made it in and a thanks to them for creating such massive inspirational content. It’s just a great resource to go back to if you’re stuck in a creative hole. The #10 edition of the book series was something I wanted to be part of so bad! It’s an anniversary release and I consider it an honor to be a part of it. The pic selected for inclusion was Skyhigh. I always liked that one and thought it deserves a spot in one of the Exposé books. So you can imagine how happy I was when it got selected.


‘Science Fiction’

Now it’s time for the new release of Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series. It’s Exposé Vol. 11 and again I was one of the lucky guys (and gals) to become featured in it. This time it’s something special for me. It’s the first time I got an unreleased picture into the book. I always wanted to present a new picture along with the merits of having it featured in this book. Makes me a little proud. Especially since it’s a picture where I tried myself on something a little new. As for the book itself it can again be noted that the quality is great. The selected pictures throughout the categories of the book look great and serve perfect as motivation and inspiration.


Room With A View

Leaving The Fields Of Steel
‘Science Fiction’



E-On – 3D Environment Contest 2012 Finalist

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

3D Environment Competition 2012

Unexpectedly I managed to make it into the final selection of E-On Software’s ‘3D Environment Competition 2012’. Due to the rules of the contest I did not release the picture on any site but will do once the contest is over. That includes Wallpapers of course. All the finalists have some really nice work and surely deliver a hard competition. If you’re interested to take a peek… just follow the link. Winners will be announced on January 10th. Wish me luck! And of course a good luck from me to all finalists!

3D Environment Competition 2012: Finalists



The Art Of Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker – Vol. One

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The Art Of Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker

Yet again I have to announce something that makes me proud. For the past year I sat down and created a neat little art book. This book contains 9 of my personal portfolio favourites on a very high quality 30×30 cm / 12×12 inches paper. All of them on two-page spreads. So basically 60cm wide. That gives some amazing detail! Additionally it’s packaged in a very well produced and manufactured binding. For details feel free to check this page. There you can find all necessary info about the book as well as detailed photos.

Check The Preview – Here

Buy The Book – Here



The Moebius Passage

Sunday, July 8th, 2012


This is a picture I started a long time ago. It started as a little experiment and turned into something bigger than I intended. I also wanted to use this picture for a little training exercise, working in that format/aspect ratio. I haven’t done so in quite a while. I must admit that I did myself hard finding a good enough composition. First when I played around with tilted camera views I found a suitable setup. That made the pic come to life for me. Added quite a nice and dynamic feel.

Technically it’s less a digital matte painting approach than a digital painting style. I did not want to strangle myself with trying to go as photoreal as possible. I just wanted to play with this one. Again the layout of the scene was done with Vue. In Photoshop I reworked quite some parts and added textures here and there. The overpainting was fun to do. Additional renders helped to implement more ships and the foreground elements. I really enjoy the view here but I doubt it is something for people with fear of heights.

When I was in the last stages of the creative process I heard that the fabulous Jean Giraud aka Moebius passed away. I admit that I don’t know too much about the person, but I can clearly see how his art influenced tons of Scifi movies. And me… well I’m influenced by these movies. That’s for sure. So I did not have a title for the pic and decided to dedicate this one to Jean Giraud. His art will definitely live on and keep the memory alive.

5000×3333 – 300dpi – Vue – Photoshop

The artwork on:

Wallpaper Pack contains two wallpaper versions in 1920×1200 and 1680×1050.

wallpapers available



What Are You Doing!?

Monday, June 4th, 2012 newsGood question! The last couple of weeks I was really busy with all sorts of things. That left me a little hanging when it comes to new pictures or personal projects. Soon will be the next ‘The Luminarium’ artpack release and that’s when I can present something new too. I can also say that there will be more than only that. Until then I have some more boring movie reviews. If you have any feedback to whatever you see on the site… just shoot! Very appreciated!

So yeah… stay tuned… check in from time to time…! New stuff, inspiration and wallpapers soon! Promised!



Interview for 3D Art Direct

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

movie reviewToday we have a nice interview for the 3D Art Direct Magazine. Paul Bussey and Mickey Mills invited me to do one and therefore a thanks to them. The magazine is pretty much what the title says. In this issue the mag covers some nice examples of 3d fantasy art as well as interviews for the respective artists. Some good inspiration to find there.

Buy the Magazine here for only £3.95.