Endeavours – Towers Of Entropy

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Endeavours – Towers Of Entropy

“We started the descend and entered the outer atmosphere. I remember from history class how the first ‘Astronauts’ always had a pretty rough ride through the atmosphere, down to the good old Earth. Now it’s a smooth transition. We still have to fasten our seatbelts though. Must be a traditional thing. And there they are, the mysterious Towers of Entropy. Can’t wait to learn more about them!”

For this one I decided to go for a more loose style. Main objective was to visualize the ship approaching the lower parts of the atmosphere of this planet. As well as showing the celestial environment with the planets. It may be a little cliche but I wanted our planet/destination to not just be a random planet. Since I plan to continue this series at some point. So I decided to add these towers. At this point we know nothing about them and I haven’t even mentioned them in the previous parts. So I hope to spawn some more interest by the sudden reveal of this element. Even though I’m not entirely sure where I want to go with them yet, I plan to investigate them at some point for sure.

Technically it’s a very basic scene. In Vue I rendered a plate for the landscape and an additional plate for the clouds. I tried working without clouds but the pic felt off. With the added cloud elements it came together much better. Especially the scale started to look more impressive. Photo textures and painting enhanced the scene. In Lightroom I found a nice colour landscape to go with as well as adding a grain effect which I really liked for this one.

4000×2163 – Vue – C4D – Photoshop – Lightroom







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Scifi & Fantasy Calendar 2016

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Tigaer-Design Calendar 2016

Alrighty. Here we go. The calendar for YOUR amazing 2016 is now available in my deviantart store. Had a hard time picking the artworks for this one since they all work well for a calendar page. A nice look back at the pieces I did this year. Among a few older ‘personal favs/classics’ we have quite a number of new pieces in this calendar this time. For the calendar design I used Vue to create a neat looking cover image and plates for the month pages. Had some fun with it and hope it turned out eyecatching enough. :) Due to the format I had to cut off small parts of the images but tried to keep the main elements in frame as good as possible. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out this year.

Find it here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/38876699/



Making Of GalCiv3 Art

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

tigaer-design.com news

Here we go with a lengthy article I wrote about how I approached creating the seven artworks I did for Galactic Civiziations 3. It’s includes concepts, render plates, render passes and insight into the techniques I used. Hope it inspires and may even teach you some things! Feel free to check it out here on Behance.


Gothic Dreams – Dystopia

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Gothic Dreams - Dystopia

Here we go with two pics from my artwork catalogue have been featured in the recent book release “Gothic Dreams – Dystopia” by Flametree Publishing. It’s a really cool book that gives young folks the perfect introduction into the field of dystopian scifi stories. May it be books, tv productions or movies. Everything illustrated by some really good work by fellow artists from around the world. I even recognized a couple of the artworks. The book’s price is really affordable and what you’ll get is a book that’s printed on some nice thick quality paper that perfectly serves the artwork it presents.

Find the book here – Gothic Dreams – Dystopia

The featured pieces are: Epica & The Moebius Passage




Wednesday, April 9th, 2014


Here we have another nifty little Apophysis/Photoshop mashup result I created for a short video workshop (find here: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=1841). Yet again it was fun throwing stuff together and look at what came out in the end. Especially when I work on pics like these I really have no plan what to do. I usually create a couple of fractal plates and start playing with them. Sooner or later everything falls in place and something nice is evolving from the mess I usually start out with. Hope you enjoy as well!

Apophysis & Photoshop

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Strange New Worlds

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Strange New Worlds

Here we have a pic that is lying on my hard drive for over a year. This one is actually my first experiment with using 3d fractal objects generated with Xenodream. If you know my gallery then you’ve seen these already in other pictures. The reason I held this picture back simply was/is that I’m not too happy with it. Even though I can see some good qualities in it. That’s why I now said “To hell with it… let’s make it public”. =D People’s tastes are different and maybe there are folks out there who like and enjoy it more than I do, or maybe even inspires them.

Beside the experimental factor, the goal of it was to go a more fantasy route with it. I think I at least succeeded with that. The composition is what bugs me most. It’s a little messed up. Nonetheless there are some technical things that look pretty cool I think. As mentioned before I created the spiral rock shapes with Xenodream and exported them into 3d objects. Those I took into Vue and created a scene around them. I worked with ecosystems to get foliage and trees into the scene. I also applied ecosystems to the spiral rocks to give them some vegetation growing on them. That makes them look more natual. Overall it was a little too expermienty and I was just toying and playing around too much. A lot of work happened in Photoshop as well. Just 2 weeks ago I added a last background detail and had to force myself to stop thinking about it and start considering it to be DONE.

Anyways… I hope you enjoy the view and maybe enjoy the little things like I do. =)

Xenodream – Vue – Photoshop – 3252×4600

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3



Luminarium Exhibit #22

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

The Luminarium Exhibit #22

After a longer break it’s time for the 22nd Exhibit of The Luminarium Artgroup: Illuminate V. This time it was freeballin’ for everyone with a “Freestyle” topic. While there is normally a more defined topic, the art collective had free reign over what to create for the exhibit. As usual there are quite some amazing works to see and enjoy. Digital art, Abstract, Digital painting, Photography and Music. For me it’s always an honor to be amongst such talented people and have my work side by side with theirs. Yet again I did some Scifi work. Info to my piece “Echoes” can be found here.

All of these works from all kinds of different fields of expertise surely are a nice source for inspiration! So be sure to check it out -> Illuminate V

The Luminarium: WebsiteDeviantartShadowness




Tuesday, January 24th, 2012


This one is a failed experiment from 2009. I remember playing with Vue and it’s displacement options for materials. I had no specific picture in mind. I was just playing around. Then suddenly the preview render was showing me a rather cool, kinda abstract, looking landscape shape. It immediately reminded my of my 2005 ‘Astounding’ piece somehow. Then I tried to render it bigger and bam… no chance. I don’t remember the exact time Vue told me but it was astronomical. I started to try my usual workarounds but nothing helped. I guess the material and the dispacement mapping ate up all the memory and when it was full the render just crashed. I managed to get out a, for me, low quality render and worked with that one. Even if I’m not entirely happy with the result I still think the pic has a certain appeal to it. I hope you think so too! =)

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Sci-Fi Calendar 2012

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Tigaer's Sci-Fi Calendar 2012

It’s time for a short plug of my Science Fiction Calendar 2011. This time the included collection of art mainly focusses on SciFi pieces. Among them are personal favourites and awarded pieces like ‘Red Canyon’, ‘Phoenix Rising’, ‘Hadley’s Hope’ and ‘Gates To Elysium’. There are also some new pics in there I released this year.

It always creates a fuzzy feeling seeing these worlds on paper. Somehow it makes you want to explore these places even more deeply. Must be a good thing huh? =) So, if you don’t believe in the end of the world in 2012… BUY IT! =D

Enough talk!

For a preview of the Calendar please check here:
Sci-Fi Calendar 2012 Preview

You can buy this calendar on deviantart for:
$27.95 -> Find it here: Sci-Fi Calendar 2012



Endeavours Part One

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


As a part of the Luminarium Artgroup I had the chance to try myself on an idea that was floating through my mind for a while now. To tell a story with pictures. Now the idea itself is old and absolutely nothing new of course. But I hadn’t done something like this before. The Luminarium topic was ‘Sequential‘. Now that could be interpreted any way you want. I chose a somewhat comic like approach. What I wanted to do right from the beginning was to show how spaceships depart from a planet surface into space. I did not know how to visualize that exactly. Soon I found that, of course, some sort of cityscape thing would be the best way to depart from. Soon enough I also had a nice little story in mind. About a guy who worked in that city. Never saw the sunlight and any joy living there and just wants to get away from there. He decides to begin a new life in the off world colonies. (You get the Blade Runner ref there? Very good! ;))

Technically it’s all done using Vue and Photoshop. In Photoshop I used several filters to achieve a certain comic like flavour. Not sure if that succeeded though. The end result was very satisfying and again I learned a few things while working on the different images.

By the end of the making process I realized that the tour from the surface into space could only be the first part of the adventure. The story needs a better finish and that’s why I decided to add a ‘Part One’ to the title. Now I cannot say when I will create the second half of the series. We’ll see when it’s done I guess. For now I’m happy with the results of part one. And maybe it’s a good thing to leave the actual destination of our two ships to the imagination of the viewers. At least for a while! =)

Endeavours Part One - Scene 1


“Do you get that feeling too? That feeling of excitement when you know the next day will be great because you’ll be off into the holidays with the family or something? Now this is not much different. To finally leave this place, start over somewhere else and see your loved ones again. This is the first step of my endeavour and I’m so excited!”

Endeavours Part One - Scene 2

‘Here We Go Again’

“There is surely one thing I will definitely not miss. Working in this heavy industrial environment was a pain. All day long in the shadows of these superstructure towers. Knowing there’s a warm sun… but never seeing it. I hope the colonies will offer a more peaceful working environment. It’ll be hard there too. No doubt. But it will be better! Not just because I won’t feel alone anymore.”

Endeavours Part One - Scene 3

‘Wave Goodbye’

“That’s the dream. At least when you’re looking for it here. Living in the higher levels of these skytowers. I never was so high up but I saw pictures of the most amazing sunsets you can imagine. My dreams lie beyond these towers and this planet. Can’t wait to get there. Can’t wait to see my own sunsets.”

Endeavours Part One - Scene 4

‘Leaving The Fields Of Steel’

“Looking down into this mess of a city it looks almost peaceful. A symbol of how far mankind came the last 500 years. All the magic we are able to do now and take for granted. All these amazing achievements. But we’re sill looking for the things we’ve always been looking for. Peace, family, hope, new goals and a better life.”

Endeavours Part One - Scene 5

‘All These Worlds Are Yours’

“I travelled into space maybe three or four times and the sight is still the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It must be the saddest thing to work up here. Seeing this grand view but not being able to appreciate it anymore. That’ll never happen to me!”

Endeavours Part One - Scene 6

‘Begin A New Life’

“Oh, I almost forgot that funny prickling feeling when a ship enters the space dock and shifts gravity fields. That must be how true excitement really feels! Can’t wait to get through transition and board the ship to the colonies. I hope so much this endeavour will lead me somewhere good. For me it is quite a risk. I’m sure it will! Someone is waiting there for me.”

Endeavours Part One - Wallpaper Pack