Red Canyon

Red Canyon

This year’s first art addition to the site is actually a pic i did late last year. To be accurate… it’s actually the result of a test i did early last year. There exists another canyon picture. It was a plain Vue just for fun project, playing with terrains, canyons, lighting and materials. Was thinking about if it’s worth to submit it at all. It’s surely a cool wallpaper for your desktop. That’s why i submitted it now anyway. It’s also a nice moody print with some very nice quality. I’m really not sure why i left it alone so long. =D

Technically it’s pretty much pure Vue. A few smaller changes in Photoshop. Refining textures and lighting issues. If there was a goal to achieve in this just for fun project, then it was that i wanted it to be a quiet and moody pic. A pure landscape. Not too much going on. Ultimately i think i got that down pretty good. So i’m happy with the results here. Clean, simplistic and nothing too complicated for the eye.

Wallpapers: 1920×1200 – 1680×1050

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