Berlin 2011

A few days ago I visited an old and good friend in Berlin. The moring I was to depart I found out that the same weekend Berlin had its ‘Festival Of Lights’. Which basically means that all the sightseeing hotspots look a little different than usual. Normally we would go out with some other friends and do something pointless but ALL of the other guys where not in town. Of course. My friend and I however took the time to hunt the lights and go up the Reichstag. The architecture up there is pretty fascinating. Only the glass could have been a bit cleaner. So yeah, ultimately a fun time. The ‘Festival…’ was a little underwhelming and could also need a little improvement. Yes there are 2-3 spots where it all really captures your eye… but hey, other cities do that sort of thing every weekend. Berlin nonetheless is always a refreshing experience. Especially at night the city brings out some interesting creatures. Anyway… had a good time there.



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  1. Emily Williams Says:

    I like the picture with the sunset, looks mysterious))))and the combination of colors is awesome :)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    Yup. Was a nice evening there. 4 days without a single cloud in the sky.

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