TRILITH – 3D Animation

3d matte painting study Here we are for another fine animation of one of my paintings. Once again a lot of work went into it and i hope it makes the experience/feeling of the painting itself a bit more like it represents a window to a different world. It’s not as spectacular as the w.o.l.f animation but nonetheless cool looking. I also took the opportunity to make a single video for the w.o.l.f project too. Find the link below…

Trilith – YouTube: Low Quality

W.O.L.F – YouTube: Low Quality

Trilith – cgsociety: Low Quality

W.O.L.F – cgsociety: Low Quality

Trilith – High Quality: 720px Quicktime Movie (20mb)

W.O.L.F – High Quality: 720px Quicktime Movie (20mb)



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