Exposé 9

Expose 9

It’s time for a new release of Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series. Now it’s book number 9 and again I was one of the lucky guys (and gals) to become featured in it. Again i’m indeed very happy and honoured to be a part of this exclusive group of people who made it into the book. Again a lot of the work in the book is very familiar. I’ve seen it over the past couple of years online and it all inspired me in one or another way. To be featured along with these works is of course a great feeling. My home categories in the books always were Matte Painting and Science Fiction. This time I even got two pieces into the book. One in both categories. Which is a great motivation to keep on doing what i’m doing. Becoming better in what I do. (Hopefully!)

Now as usual every artist who makes it into the book gets a free copy of the book. A very generous gesture since the quality we’re talking about is really really good. Superb print quality and you really know you have something worthful in your hands when you grab it. I got the hard cover and bought a limited edition. I always buy me the extra leather bound version of the book when i make it into the book. Right now I have quite a collection of these books and it’s always great seeing them. Print quality, page setup, overall layout and last but not least the work that’s featured in it… perfect quality. All the different categories in the book feature artists from around the world. With work that surely and with no doubt belongs to the best digital art you can get these days.

Valis Licentia
‘Matte Painting’

Gates To Elysium
‘Science Fiction’



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