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movie reviewYou have probably seen a ton of documentaries about Earth and Mankind and how everything in this world is somehow connected with each other. And how it all needs that connection in order to function as efficient as possible. Now ‘Home’ does that too. But ‘Home’ does it so much better than all the others. One reason may be the fact that it shows some of the most amazing images one can capture from our planet.

This is a movie that wants to teach a lesson. And you certainly must be in the right mood for some sad truths. Lets just say i just finished watching it and i was 50/50 in the right mood. I knew the movie has some really striking landscape shots and that’s what i was hoping for, and got. This movie must be one of the visually most beautiful movies ever made. And there are no CG or other Special Effects involved. All you see in this movie is Planet Earth. I won’t even try to explain how awesome these images are. You have to see it to understand it. We get images from all over the world. Great perspectives. Nothing rushed, every shot gets exactly the right amount of time to unfold its beauty. Really good camera work. Visually it’s a 11/10. And in the midst of all these wonderful shots it’s the story of our Planet that’s been told. From when it all started, the first sparks of life, to the civilization right now.

It’s quite a horror story to be honest. Of course we hear it all the time. It’s all bad! Nature is dying! It’s too late to do something! Panic! Well… no panic yet. But i also don’t want to be there when true panic starts to set in. It will be a true hell on earth. Sometimes you need the pictures to really understand what is going on. How f*cked up the situation really is. The movie certainly delivers that part perfectly. You could argue that the movie is just another one of these preachy nature movies and you might be right. But it’s also important to recognize that all the arguments brought up in the movie are valid. It’s all happening right now, all over the world. And that’s heart wrenching. The movie takes itself a lot of time to explain the why’s and how’s. It’s doing a good job making you understand why is something happening and how it’s done. And that’s why it stands above all these preachy documentaries.

If you were a pessimistic person (like i am) you would probably think about shooting yourself after seeing the first hour of that movie. Honestly, if there is not something happening with mankind quickly that makes them all understand what is going on, we’re all doomed. The last part of the movie though shows some strong examples of how we’re doing it right. Examples from all over the world where people put their thinking caps on and understood that it’s time to do something. Of course it’s by far not enough yet. But mankind is still able to get things done the right way. I mean… in the end… we have to or it’s over with us.

If you have the chance, go watch this movie. Best in HD. The most awesome images ever in there. Has to be seen in good quality. The message of the movie is clear. We can still do something. Think before you do and get other people to do it right too. No i don’t want to be preachy since i’m surely not the most ‘green’ person too. But i at least try to watch myself.

Probably the only movie to get a 10/10 from me. Well deserved.


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