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movie reviewThis was the first time theater visit in months. Last time was the first part of the last Harry Potter movie. (Weird sentence) Anyway! I enjoyed it!

Now I admit I did not have any big expectations for the Thor movie. As usual I don’t know the comics and have no deeper relationship with the characters. The movie, much like the Ironman movies… or even more than the Ironman movies, tries to build up on something that will eventually lead to an ‘Avengers’ movie. Where all the big Marvel character form a big team to fight against… I don’t know what. So there is kind of a second plot within Thor that shows developments into that direction.

Then there is the Thor storyline. It’s by far not the most deep and sophisticated plot but it manages to keep you interested. The visuals are pretty unique and the action works nicely too. The movie in fact starts up with quite a nice fighting sequence. The results of these early happenings lead to the banishment of Thor from Asgard by his father Odin. Thor finds himself on Earth and without his powers. Luckily he instantly meets some humans that are willing to help him. Soon Thor tries to find his way back home.

The movie has a good length to it and still feels short and a little empty. The characters make a lot of this negative impression good though. Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth really deliver a lovely performance. Especially Chris Hemsworth pretty much nails his character. He’s the perfect cast from my point of view. All the other cast members are well chosen too, don’t get me wrong. Now in the Trailers for this movie you get the impression that it is all very serious and you might have thought that this could break the neck of the movie. That’s what I thought. Luckily the movie has tons of comedic situations and plays them out in a very nice way. I had quite a few laughs while watching it. I personally think that it’s Kenneth Branagh’s work that makes this movie much much better than it actually is. I think he’s able to tickle out the little things that still leave a big positive impression. Because honestly… I think most other directors would have ruined this movie. But that’s my opinion.

The VFX and overall design was interesting. Especially the costume design did go some interesting ways. Still nothing superamazing that blew me away though. Solid work and fun to watch. The 3d for the movie was pretty much unnecessary. I wished they’d showed the movie in 2d. Only a few scenes where it looked really weird and very flat.

So yeah… ultimately I think the movie ended where a lot of people would have loved to see it continue. Including me. There will be a second movie for sure so… let’s wait for that. Overall a fun and entertaining ride.


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