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movie reviewFirst of all i’m a big Tron fan. I really love the first one, not just because of the look, even more because of its characters. So it’s only natural that i really waited for this second movie to happen.

Yesterday i had the pleasure to watch it. In 3d. What i heard upfront was that it wasn’t quite the super success in the states and some snipets of reviews i saw were not too positive. So i got into the movie without too much expectation. The only thing i hoped for was entertainment.

And that’s absolutely what you get. Quite a load of entertainment! It’s like a massive laser show. A lot of stuff happening. Action action and more action. You don’t necessarily need to know the first movie to enjoy this one. It’s all very well explained in the first 15 minutes. These are also the strongest parts in the story. Once it goes into CGI world the story steps down a notch. But that’s ok from my point of view. Th eye feast you’re getting there keeps you busy for sure.

All the cast does a really good job. Even if i had my doubts about Garrett Hedlund. He does a good job and early on manages it to build up sympathy for the character. All the girls in the movie are nicely cast too. And… no doubt… very attractive and nice to look at. I could have had a bit more Bruce Boxleitner in it. I think he’s a very underrated actor and would deserve more space on the big screen. So my hopes for that go to further movies. Last but not least we have Jeff Bridges who, i think, mainly plays himself in the movie. It’s magnificient how you can totally see and feel that this is definitely the Kevin Flynn from the first movie. How Bridges manages it to connect back to one of his first big roles. For me Jeff Bridges is one of the best actors this planet has ever seen. A lot of his 90s work didn’t bring him the right and deserved attention. But over the last 12 years… starting with ‘The Big Lebowski’ he showed everyone how versatile he really is.

In some scenes you can also see that this Tron endeavour is definitely laid out for further installments. So i bet my furry rear end that there will be more stuff to come. I would surely love to see more.

I don’t need to say much about the VFX in this one. Pretty much everything looks stunning. The darkness and lighting creates such a dense atmosphere. As if there’s a constant evil lurking behind every corner. Much like Avatar… i want to see more of that. And i’m sure there’s more to come.

I also want to mention the music from Daft Punk here. Their music isn’t my taste really but it fits very very awesome into this movie. Along with the pictures we see it’s quite a brilliant and perfect mixture. They manage to make it sound techy as well as sometimes even 80s nostalgic. They really did a magnificient job there and help to sell the movie even more.

So ultimately i must say that this movie is the ultimate light show. The story is a little dull and only the actors really save it there. But it’s overall quite some entertainment to have. You don’t have to see it 3d by the way. I might even say that it looks better 2d. That’s a bit different from Avatar. Even if Avatar looks as amazing in 2d as it does in 3d. But that’s only my opinion. Tron Legacy nonetheless is the best real3D movie since Avatar.


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  1. pebcak Says:

    The game is name tron:evolution. And that title would fit the film a bit better if you ask me. Because it’s really an evolution of tron.

    Now, what I liked best in this movie is the design. All the design you see is very very nice. The clothes, the “buildings”, the vehicles. Very well executed.

    The game is fun too. I love lightcycle arena and race on the wii, especially with the steerwheel I got for mario kart. ;)

  2. Paul Says:

    I really enjoyed Tron, as you say I was entertained! The only problem with it was the dialog was written at Disney, so it is aimed at children. It didn’t surprise me at all that adults don’t give it a stellar review, but really, if the dialog was a little different and resonated with the audience that was actually paying for it, this would’ve been huge! I will definitely buy this one to add to my 3d movie collection (well, begin the collection, hah!)

  3. Tigaer Says:

    Yup. It’ll make my movie shelf too as soon as the bluray is out. Well i got into the movie with basically only one expectation… and that was etertainment. And it delivered. So i’m happy. It will be interesting to see where the series goes. And i’m sure there will be more movies.

  4. Tigaer Says:

    I guess both titles work. PC version of the game didn’t get any good reviews :D However… the movie was entertaining and fun. That’s all i asked for… beside a cool design of course. =)

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