Sci-Fi Movies – My Inspiration Pt5

movie reviewThis time we have some movies that, from my point of view, are quite underrated. First of all ‘Mission To Mars’. It doesn’t get good reviews and overall it doesn’t seem to have a lot of fans. I, for my part, really really like it. The visuals are amazing and show a Planet Mars that looks real to me. some really beautiful matte work in it. The other one is Disney’s Treasureplanet. This movie is visually so inspiring and unique that i wished it would have a higher ranking within all these movies Disney made over the years. There is this one scene when they leave the spaceport and these flying whale like creatures fly along with the ship. I truly love that scene. But enough intro talk for now…

*Not listed by favourites.

Mission To Mars

A lot of folks don’t consider this movie to be a rather good one. I loved it from the first moment on. We get to see some amazing Mars vistas! The ideas in the movie are quite cool too. There are some really good moments. Especially the one where they try to rescue Tim Robbins character in space. Or when they discover the survivor on Mars. I like these movies that try to make you understand that we have absolutely no idea what’s possible out there. It inspires imaginaton.

Mission to Mars on IMDb

The Fly (1986)

Holy crap. When i was younger, and saw this movie the first time, i had nightmares! David Cronenberg is well known for his sort of weird movies. His ‘Naked Lunch’ for example… so many weird visual ideas! But the design of the ‘Brundle Fly’ at the end of the movie is so amazingly disgusting and yet fascinating. It makes you want to close your eyes but you can’t because you cannot beleive how ugly that thing looks! The movie as a whole is pretty fascinating. The whole picture of how our main character begins to change/transform. Fantastic!

The Fly on IMDb

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

This one is almost an art movie. Pretty much everything is CG and very high quality. The actors really master the fact that there is almost no reference to see except the green screen. That’s quite an accomplishment. On the other hand it’s good to see a fantastic Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and a (even if she’s normally not my case) quite sexy Angelina Jolie. Great camera work… amazing things going on… great design… a must watch!

Sky Captain And The world Of Tomorrow on IMDb

Disney’s Treasureplanet

Probably one of the most underrated movies ever! The richness of ideas and beauty in this classic book adaptation is unbelievable! All characters are lovely and even our hero kid is not the usual jerk they try to make us feel sympathy for. Visually it’s quite a feast, full of creative energy and a recommendation for some good inspiration!

Treasureplanet on IMDb

Fahrenheit 451

One of the movies the words ‘scifi classic’ were invented for. Now this movie, after a story from ray bradbury, really manages to picture a very desperate future. I just recently watched it again and must say that the topics covered in the movie are still very very prominent. The government basically tries to control the population by literally making them dumb mindless androids though controlling the media. I also had the opportunity to watch a lot of tv lately… and dear god… no wonder people become more and more stupid these days. Amazing.

Fahrenheit 451 on IMDb

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

I couldn’t even describe how much i love this movie. Yes there are many versions of that story but this movie tells it best from my point of view. From minute one i love the atmosphere it creates. The acting is so good and believable. Really love Donald Sutherland in this one. The visual style they use to show the transformation of the people into these hive controlled zombies is just crazy. I would so freak out if i would see stuff like that. The movie never goes too far though. A balance act that so many movies fail to manage. This one gets it perfectly right.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers on IMDb

End of part 5. This part again contains some of my all al alltime favourites. Especially the Body Snatchers. I’m so in love with the atmosphere it creates. Never had a similar experience in another movie. More stuff to come… stay tuned! =)



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