Happy New Year Everyone

movie reviewChristmas over, hopefully happy and cheerful for everyone, there is one last thing left to round this year 2010 up. Eversince we crossed the line to year 2000 all new years numbers sound like from a SciFi movie. Now it’s 2011 and the two thousand still sounds odd in my ears. However! 2010 is over and i guess we all take our share of experiences from that year into the next one. I hope mine will come handy and i hope yours will come handy to you too. Nothing shall be without a reason. Even if that’s a dream sometimes. The year 2010 for me has had its uppers and downers. I think i can be happy about how a few things turned out for me and the people i like. So my hope is that the happiness will continue to grow. Therefor lets face this new year with enthusiasm and an iron will to make it all even better than last year!

Happy New Year Everyone!



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