Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – Movie Review

movie review
This movie rocks! The box office doesn’t seem to be a friend of the movie and it’s crazy why that is. This is probably the first movie for a generation of people that is now between 25 and 35. The people who grew up with the old Nintendo consoles. The super marios. The Zeldas. There are so many references in the movie that it makes it hard to spot them all. Often you hear a sound and think ‘damn where did that come from… i KNOW it from somewhere!’. Awesome sound work here.

I guess what keeps a lot of people away from it is the presentation. And parts of me can understand it. It really is a bight, shiny and colorful movie. But it mysteriously works in this one. Edgar Wright managed it to get an amazing visual flow into the movie. And i can imagine that this was not an easy task. The choreography of the fight scenes is intense and really rocks AND is FUN. A lot of moves remind me on the Street Fighter games. I played the crap out of Street Fighter 2 back then. Of course, in a movie filled with references, there are also a lot of things going on in the background. I guess you can watch that movie 10 times and still see new hints and references. It’s so packed!

The opening sequence shows the Universal logo made up in 8 bit pixel graphics and really old school 8 bit music. It immediately sets the tone perfectly right. That, of course, brings a big smile onto the face of every geek. Of course it all feels and looks like a comic. I never read it but as far as i know they stayed extremely close to it. The actors, all of them, work so good in the movie. They really cared to get the right people and it paid off. Every character represents an own picture and none of them is boring. All of them have their funny moments and pretty much all of them can create a connection to the audience. That’s at least my experience. The basic story itself isn’t a new one. The presentation is! I really liked how our main guy has to fight all those evil ex boyfriends. A nice symbol for the fights and battles we often have to lead when it comes to ‘love’ stuff. Our character also learns his lesson at the end of the movie. I guess all characters in this movie learn a lesson throughout its storyline. I dig that.

The VFX are really good and embed so good into the live action. A lot of unique sights to see in this movie. And even if it’s transported into a real world environment it still looks very comic’ish. Without to lose its charme! That’s an accomplishment i think.

If i had to pick one down side of the movie then i would pick it’s loudness. In accoustic and visual. In some of the fight sequences we get bombarded with pictures and colors and effects and sounds and music… to me it sometimes felt a liiiiiiittle bit too much. But that’s nitpicking. Seriously.

Ultimately i would recommend this movie to EVERYONE who grew up between 1975 and 1998. Everyone who loves the old Nintendo/Playstation/Sega/Atari consoles and its games. Everyone who loves comics. Everyone who grew in that media environment.


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