The ‘Burbs – Movie Review

movie reviewThis is a movie that earned itself a special place in my heart. It’s weird since it’s not even a particularly special or in any sense very good movie. But it’s a very funny movie that tells us a lot about how people react to unusual things. May it be people or their behaviour. In a weird way the movie surely earned itself a little bit of a classic status. At least for me. It’s a must watch if you want to have a fun time with a nice flick.

The movie basically tells the story of some fellow neighbours living together in a street in some suburban town. All these people/characters are special in their own ways. You have the ex-military guy. You have the guy who just wants to live his life. Or the guy who is overly suspicious. To their uncomfort some weird neighbours moved into a house next to them in the street. For a while everyone wondered what happened to the previous house owners. Everyone is getting a bit suspicious since they never really get to see their new neighbours. They tend to keep to themselves. And all the weird things happening in and around their house add a lot to that. They very rarely leave the house. They keep to themselfes. Do weird things at night. Soon enough our neighbour comunity wants to find out what it is with these weirdos. The fun begins.

The movie stars some pretty well known people. Among them a Tom Hanks before his oscar run. A Bruce Dern in the role of the military guy. Awesome! All of them deliver a good job and seem to enjoy their freaky roles a lot.

Everything plays and happens in that street. Which surely kept the production costs pretty low. On the other hand it keeps a tight atmosphere and helps the story to really spread its humour. You don’t have to wonder where they’re now. They are always on location. No big jumps to different places. A really simple setup. When i first saw that movie i wished i could be a part of that neighbour gang. And i still do i guess. It looked like so much fun. It also shows how crazy normal people can become when someone is out of the ordinary and doesn’t fit any known role.

A nice fun movie for a relaxing evening and some laughs. I would also say it’s a good movie to watch on halloween.

7.6/10 from me.

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