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movie review“What if…?” – Could be an alternative title for this almost perfect tv series. On a certain level this tv series covers all layers of life itself in its storyline. The general search we as human beings are conducting. The way things go sometimes. Unexpected twists and turns. You never know what’s around the next corner. And that’s also one of its weaknesses. In its almost desperate try to be so super mysterious we get one cliffhanger after another. The series works much better when you can watch it from beginning to end without to wait weeks or months for the next episode to air. And i would recommend everyone to do only that. Because with all these weird episode endings that create more questions without answers… it’s really hard to stay motivated. At least it was for me.

**There May Be Spoilers Ahead**

The series itself could be described as a masterpiece of modern television production. It definitely set new standards for pretty much everything. Even though vfx could have been better at some points. However it created quite a buzz over the years and i’d say it was deserved.

We really early learn to understand that every single character in this piece plays a role. Some bigger some smaller. We also see that every character has a history that is to be carried around with him. All this creates the motivations for all the little actions our friends do. And how it all affects the overall happenings on the island.

The final season is pretty spectacular. Even if it makes you think that one or two seasons may have been useless. On the other hand it brings us closer to the characters. However the final season brings everything nicely together but… still leaves some questions. We don’t get a completely satisfying resolution to our characters. We don’t get the ultimate answer to the question of what the island actually is. Everything, from my point of view, is held very vague in its explanations. In certain situations that can be good. But in this case it’s a little let down. After all these mysteries and cliffhangers at the end of each episode… doesn’t the from beginning to end viewer deserve a final satisfying answer? Maybe i missed something? Beside that it surely was one of the most entertaining tv productions ever undertaken. I would say it was quite a remarkable writing job to get all the characters into one hat. To let all characters have their share of spotlight. There isn’t a single character that does not play a more or less heavy role in the overall storyline.

If you’re interested to watch that series then i urge you to watch it on your terms. Do not watch it on tv where you have to wait a week for the next episode. Try to watch it when you want. Maybe some ‘on demand’ service. It truly is the only way to watch that series. Everything else will make you go crazy. Literally every episode raises unanswered questions. Some answers will be given episodes or seasons later. And that doesn’t mean the answer makes any sense and leads to more questions. And, like mentioned earlier, that’s one of the biggest flaws of the series. They tried too hard to keep everything mysterious. Not that it hurt the series but it doesn’t really help too. You could argue with “that’s how LOST works”. And maybe that’s true. You could also argue that some things are really really unrealistic. And that’S true too. The whole last season i said to myself “no way that plane will take off again”. But they made it. That was a little bit too much for my taste.

To end this review i have only one question to ask.

What is the island?

There are tons of theories out there that can explain a few things. And maybe, after a while, we will understand that this vague ending is the best for this series. Not the most satisfying but still a good one.

My recommendation.


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