Splice – Movie Review

movie reviewFirst of all i must say i miss movies like this one. In the style of Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’. Bad and evil companies trying to change the world and all that stuff. Splice falls into that niche and does a fairly good job.

Basically the movie is about a couple. Both are scientists and experimenting around for a company that tries to find cures for several diseases. All this gets explained in the first 10 minutes of the movie and serves very well as an intro. The cast does a nice job but shows a few flaws later in the movie. Overall it’s a solid and believable performance. Adrien Brody seems to be a pretty versatile actor and i’m excited for his part in the upcoming Predator movie. Sarah Polley is a good cast too. She does a good job in the beginning of the movie. It’s a believable ‘mad scientist’ performance from her there. In the middle of the movie the roles of our characters seem to switch. And the one actor plays the part of the other actor from the beginning. It’s a nice twist and good change of perspective. The movie took some bold directions storywise – it’s interesting and fun to watch.

The VFX through the bench look really good. Especially the ‘Dren’ creature and the later CG extensions. Dren herself later in the movie does indeed have something sexy on her. I guess that’s what’s the design wants. And it does it good. That one sequence where she’s dancing with Brody’s character is extremely well done and surely the best and most beautiful scene in the movie.

Ultimately i must admit that the movie is 10 minutes too long. The end is a bit predictable and from my point of view not really necessary. Of course i don’t want to say that every movie has to have a happy end but this movie’s ending is or feels a bit too constructed. Much like “we have to do that because we have to do that!” – if that makes any sense. =)

Anyway… check it out. It’s something different and definitely an entertaining movie.

A 7.3/10 from me.

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