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movie reviewThe first Ironman movie had every ingredient that all the other comic movies nowadays have. You see how a normal person becomes larger than life. You follow that character on its path and you see all the problems our character must fight. We see our protagonist grow through the happenings in the movie. People like that. Starwars had it, the first Spiderman has it and so many other movies have it too. It’s like written in stone and, if done right, guarantees a success. And Ironman was a success indeed.

Now Ironman 2 gives you exactly the things you liked in the first one. Only much more of it. Maybe a bit too much. The movie starts right after the happenings of the first movie. Tony Stark is still working on the Ironman technology and faces problems with the goverment because of the fact that he is holding back the knowledge about the technology. He also has health problems because the energy source that keeps him alive emits toxic substances into his body. So he is trying to find a way to solve that problem before his body gives up. We also learn a lot about the past of Stark Industries and Tony himself. Also the relationships between the characters find more space to evolve. Which is good because, even if this makes me a sissy, i like the romance between Tony and Virgina (‘Pepper’).

Now past movies series always have the dark parts of their stories in the second part. We have that in Starwars, Indy, Batman and Spiderman. Stories that show the audience that our superhero has his problems too. Tons of struggles to go through and we don’t know if our guy is going to make it or not. Mostly our main guy is a changed person after the happings in a second part. Now Ironman 2 has glimpes of that. But it’s just not enough somehow. It really is only more of what we had in the first movie.

There are also some parts that seem kind of odd to have. I’m referring to the party scene in the middle of the movie. With a drunk Tony, sort of out of his mind. I think that sequence is much too long and feels completely off. But that’s only my opinion. There is also the problem that, i think, the first Ironman movie had… the finale. It’s weird but like in the first movie it’s really underwhelming. There is a lot of baddaboom and baddabaaam but that’s nothing new. Nothing really creative. Maybe our expectations are too high. I don’t know.

On the technical side the movie is solid work. Camera, Acting, VFX and the women – everything really nice. Robert Downey Jr. really IS Tony Stark. There is no other actor who could play that part better. It’s fun to watch him. Also the romantic scenes between Gwyneth Paltrow, who is just adorable in this movie, and Downey Jr. really work so nice. It makes you laugh and happy and the same time.

Ultimately it’s a fun movie. A lot to see there. Nice action going on. More of the things you liked from the first movie.

My rating for this one 7.7/10

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  1. pebbels Says:

    Der erste halbwegs positive Review den ich gelesen hab. :D

  2. Tigaer Says:

    ich glaub die leute haben einfach zu hohe erwartungen. es is kein schlechter film. unterhaltung pur. nur hald nicht was man sich vllt für den fortlauf der serie konkret gewünscht hätte.

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