Clash Of The Titans – Review

movie reviewI can vividly remember the old Harryhausen monster movies. When i was a child they always were really entertaining. You don’t see all the crappy special effects. You almost admire them. “Oh you mean that movie where he fights the skeletons!”. Yes. That’s one of them. It was cool. Especially when you’re a boy.

Now when you grow up you realize that the movies are not that good. They have not lost their charme… but the entertaining part went into oblivion somehow. It’s a funny development when you realize how expectations rise with the time.

Now then you’re even older and you learn to love the old movies again. Not for what they are but for what they want to be. And they can be very entertaining again.

So much for the past. In todays age we have completely new possibilities to reinvent then worlds from yesterday. One movie that tries to do that it ‘Clash of the Titans’. I will not go into detail about the story since everyone surely knows it. Humans revolt against the gods. And the gods try to teach them another lesson of who’s the boss. Now this movie has some really high class actors on its payroll. Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and everybodys darling newcommer Sam Worthington. I still like Mr. Worthington. Even if i would love to see a movie with him having longer hair than the Marine look from Terminator Salvation. Nonetheless he, along with the others, give a good act. Certainly not the best but the movie doesn’t actually require that.

The movie, of course, has some nice eyecatchers. Beautiful Matte Painting animations. Great, nicely detailed monsters. Especially the Medusa looks great. I wished that part in the movie would have been a bit more psychological. Instead it’s a whole big fight. They could have really gotten into some great animation work when there were conversations. Maybe how Medusa tries to seduce one of the warriors to look at her. Unfortunately there is nothing. Another chance wasted to show how far digital acting has gone so far. Nonetheless the Medusa part was my favourite. The finale with the supermonster rising from the sea was quite an eyecatcher too. Really good work on that. I enjoyed the speed and camera work in that sequence.

Beside all the eyecandy the movie, from my pov, fails to build a solid connection to our main characters. I don’t know exactly what it is but i have had no character in that movie i could really connect to. I guess they could have invested a bit more time into Sam Worthingtons character. Generally a bit more psychology stuff would have been great. On the other hand this movie is not ‘Gladiator’.

Much like the old classic movie this one is entertaining. I would say it doesn’t want to be more. So if you want some cool action, nice animation work and some fantasy for your day off… then grab it and have some fun.

7.1/10 from me.

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