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movie reviewThis movie got some very good reviews but i still went into this movie without any expectations or any info about the story. Well it’s a Pixar movie so i guessed it would have the signature of a nice non violent story. The trailer i watched didn’t catch me at all and did not move my lazy bum into the theatre. It was out of sheer interest because of all the positive responses and a very high IMDB rating. Now yesterday i have seen it and man… it’s another masterpiece i guess. So far Wall-E was my favourite and it still is. But UP is very very close to it. Maybe the most mature Pixar movie beside Wall-E. Story wise i must admit that they did chose some very risky twists. But they managed to structure it very well throughout the entire movie. The story of our main character’s past and how it’s following him through the whole movie and how it leads the whole movie… it just works out very nice. There were 2-3 scenes where i almost shed a tear! It’s true. I could relate so much to the old man and his worries and his ambitions. The love story in the beginning is so full of heart and yeah… ‘love’. Just lovely and beautiful. All the characters were nicely written and, of course, designed. Only the bad guys were a little bit flat i think. But served the story well enough.

Like the bad character elements the movie made the impression of being technically a little bit flat though. You don’t see a lot of characters in the movie. Not much variation for the eye i would say. The stuff that you see is full of detail though. Amazing work again. Once again i noticed that they only really modelled out what was important for the scene. They didn’t waste time on things that you actually don’t look at or background stuff. I wished for a little bit more visible detail. Nonetheless it keeps the picture nicely readable and well structured. I’m a bit back and forth when i read what i wrote there. I cannot exactly nail what it is. It just felt that there could have been more detail in the spots you normally don’t look at. But yeah… overall solid work. =)

The movie lives from its lovely characters and the interactions between them and their environment. It’s fun to watch. =)

My rating for it is 8.9/10. Well deserved. =)

And i’m still waiting for Pixar to make a serious movie for the older audience. They’re masters of family movies! I wonder how a serious project would work out.

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