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movie reviewA lot of talk about this movie in the past few months. Tarantinos new masterpieceee!!! Well, i went to see it yesterday and must say i had a fun time. And i’m actually not the biggest Tarantino fan. Nonetheless i respect his work a lot. He left his footprint in moviemaking history.

Most of you probably know what the story of Inglourious Basterds is. Basically a jewish elite US soldier squad was sent to france to kill germans in WW2. They have completely free hand and can do whatever they want. But basically they’re ambushing germans and give them hell. That’s the main plot. But it wouldn’t be a Tarantino movie if there weren’t more plots. And there are. Without to get into too much detail, all the different plot lines come together in the end for the ultimate showdown. As usual it’s a lot of fun to watch how each plot comes together.

Me being from germany it was very surprising how many german actors found their way into the movie. You could say that every part in the movie, that was a german character, was really played by a german (or austrian) actor. Most impressive was Christoph Waltz. You all probably heard about the part he’s playing. He also won a prize in Cannes. Well deserved! When you know Tarantino movies then you know they are full of loooong dialogue scenes. Tarantino is a true master when it comes to these long scenes. And he always seems to have the right hand for the actors choice. Right when the movie begins we have such a scene. And the suspense that’s going on there is pretty much unbelievable. Mr. Waltz playing that fierce nazi badman… greaaat acting. Every scene with him was just full of suspense. You never know what he’ll be doing next… you suspect it but you can’t nail it. And when he does what you expected you are still surprised. Because the scene plays out so well. Quite good work!

I can also understand that some people don’t care much about this movie. There are a lot of scenes where actually nothing is happening. I can see why a lot of people might get bored by it all. But that’s Tarantino. You love him or hate him. Even if i must say that i’m in the middle somewhere.

From the german standpoint i’m glad to see a movie that goes for that WW2 theme and not being the usual “omg it was all so bad and i could cry all day long” approach. Especially the german media would never even think about doing a movie like that. Or anything like that. Whenever some comedian is doing a maybe too harsh joke about that WW2 time… it’s a national tragedy. Kinda. But yes… i could go on forever about that… but not now.

If you want to have a fun time check out this movie. It’s a unique approach to all the WW2 thing.

For me a 7.9/10

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