Advanced Photoshop Issue #60

advanced photoshop uk - issue 60

After some brief experience with the Advanced Photoshop Magazine in the past i now had the opportunity to write a tutorial for the UK Magazine’s issue #60. I picked my ‘Artificial’ artwork for this tutorial. That’s mainly because i made this picture without a tablet. Which means that theoretically everyone with a standard pc setup can create something like this. Another reason was that Terragen was a request for the tutorial. My artwork has a very unique approach to Terragen. To explain that to a wider range of people surely widens the horizon of possibilities. Even if i switched to Vue now it was fun to go back and revisit Terragen for that tutorial. Beside the Terragen part i’m explaining how i did the Photoshop work in this picture. Back then i worked a lot with blending modes. A lot of playing around what worked and what not. Now with a gfxtablet i more flexible when it comes to transparencies. But i still check out how blending modes can affect the look of a picture. Sometimes it gives some fascinating results or helps you out when you are creatively stuck at some point.

I also packed tons of material from the project on the DVD because i wasn’t able to go into too deep specifics within the tutorial! So if you don’t know further then check the PSD files. I’m sure they can be very helpful. There’s planets, textures and the whole artwork itself with all the layers. I’m sure it’s a fun peek into these files!

Advanced Photoshop Issue #60 is available now! Check it out!

There is also new painting new stuff ahead! That means some nifty wallpapers on the way! =)

Stay tuned! Thank you very much.



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