Avatar Preview in IMAX 3D

tigaer-design.com newsAlright, 2 days ago i was lucky enough to get me some tickets for the 3D preview of James Camerons ‘Avatar’ in our Imax. I’ve never seen any movie in 3D before so i thought this would be the perfect chance to start. All i knew was that other 3D movies were always kind of disappointing to the viewers. Hearing reviews and stuff. That’s what Mr Cameron wants to change. He wants to visually place you in the world he and his artists created. He wants you in the middle of everything. As if you’re a part of what you’re seeing.

Now when the teaser was released yesterday there immediately were a lot of haters on a roll. And that’s kind of understandable. While the teaser definitely showed some amazing CG work… it was also definitely nothing we’ve not seen before… from a technical standpoint. Nonetheless the teaser suggests an insane amount of detail. I wasn’t blown away but nontheless immediately hooked.

Now today i had the pleasure to watch the 16mins footage presentation that also ran on comic-con. I read reports about those showings and was stoked. All these guys came out from the screening with wide open eyes… staring in disbelief. “I want to see it tooooo!!!” was what i was thinking.

Like i said i never saw a 3D movie before. So i ‘was’ a virgin there. :D The presentation starts and Mr Cameron is explaining a few things. Already in 3D. I was fascinated! My eyes had a few problems in the first few minutes though. Then we saw the first scene. Camera on the floor… following some army boots walking in a briefing hall. It was amazing! The boots were right in front of my eyes while the backround was really behaving like it was… well… just further away from where i am. It’s hard to describe actually. Then we start to get scenes where they obviously mixed real footage with cgi… and it looks and feels so real. Of course you know that these blue guys are cg… but it all blends so amazingly good. You very soon forget that you’re watching cg characters there. Then we move into the forest. That’s where it started to blow my mind. It sucks you in. Our character is having a conversation with a huuuuge creature in the forest… you almost want to reach out and touch it! The environment… the life… the atmosphere of another world has never been portraited in such a believable way. I really felt like i was there. Like i really visited that planet for a few minutes. Othere scenes were showing the characters in more detail. And that detail is fucking amazing. Motion capturing and animation got a loooooong way since the final fantasy movie.

The audience was giving applause after the screening. Last time i had that happen was after Fellowship of the Ring. That tells something i’d say.

James Cameron said “Who wants to visit another planet?” – I! ME! I definitely want to see more. And it WILL be in 3D… in december.



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