Wish You Were Here


Now it’s time to add a big one again. My recent Comcept 11 was a smaller piece and now i’m happy to add another big one to my gallery. I’m on a landscape trip these days. I guess i need a break from the Sci-Fi theme. Now on this project i learned a lot about Vue again. As always. This time i worked with own textures and checked out how terrains handle it, how i can effectively use this technique for my future projects. While, of course, there is Photoshop work in here… it definitely is less than usual. I had to overpaint a few areas that did not come out like expected. I also reworked the colors and atmosphere a bit… as well as changing the clouds. So in the end it’s 50/50 between pure Vue and postwork with Photoshop. While i was indeed targeting a more photorealistic look i couldn’t resist making the atmosphere a bit more vivid than it would actually be in a photo. Ultimetaly it adds a new combination of colors to my overall gallery and therefor also adds more flexibility.

No specific story behind that picture except the fact that i wanted to make it look earthly… yet… other worldy in its overall appearence. Hope i succeded! Hope you like it!

Photoshop – Vue – Intuos 3 – 4500px wide – 24hrs

wallpapers available



4 Responses to “Wish You Were Here”

  1. Adrian Says:

    I love it! The lighting detail on this one and The Falls make for some magnificent wallpapers. Thank you for all your hard work. You make high resolution computer monitors reach their full potential with your paintings. :)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    thanks a lot :)

  3. Yaggdrasill Says:

    It’s curios, on first see it’s magnificent, and colour mood is nice too, what i don’t understand is why in an absolute nice art piece you make the fool error of duplicating the coulds, even blurring them i reckonize the scheme, and crucially a perfect fantstic composition became “fake”.

    I really don’t understand why u made a so simplistic error. You works are clearly disply you knows your program…

    I’m confused, anyway is a beautifully view.

  4. Tigaer Says:


    first of all thanks for the feedback. Always cool to get and very appreciated. :D

    Regarding the copying of clouds… I can’t really see what you mean. I didn’t duplicate any clouds. It’s all pretty much one photo I used for the cloud/sky background of that scene. Actually two photos, blended together. I didn’t even use the cloning tool. I think you mean the wallpapers. For these I created a blurry layer to deal with the different aspect ratio. Just a stylistic effect/decision. But yeah, looking back… it doesn’t look too good. I changed it. =D Should look better now.

    Again thanks for the feedback sir.

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