Transformers 2 – Review

movie review“Too much sugar!” is what i’m thinking right after watching Transformers 2. Without to spoil too much… this movie is basically the first movie but… more of the same formula. More jokes, more robots, more kaboom and more … well it’s a typical Michael Bay movie. Turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. Every other review on the net will tell you the movie is one hour too long… and yes it is. Somewhere along the way you even lose interest in the pretty much flawless vfx. You see the most amazing vfx work and think “hm yeah, seen that before…”. It’s amazing that they pulled this off in 2 years. But it’s too much! I left the theatre with a head that you usually have when leaving a concert. Don’t know if that’s good or me just getting old. Also… every scene with Megan Fox looked soooo daaaaamn artificial. I immediately saw her ‘new’ lips and thought… “noooo please noooot!”. She was very sexy in the first movie and now… it’s sad! Shia did his job. Nothing more to say about that. The robots are the stars in this one. They do well too. We see a few new models which are fun! We have a few more slow motion scenes in which we can see more detail. But most of the time it’s horrible shaky camera and lensflare effects and everything happens so fast you can practically understand only a small portion of what’s happening.

Oh well… it IS a fun movie… but definitely nothing for people who have higher standards.

For me a 6.1/10

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2 Responses to “Transformers 2 – Review”

  1. Jai Says:

    I’d have to agree – it seems they’ve taken every aspect of the first movie and just amplified it. I found it funny that in all the rolling around in war scenes Megan Fox does, she doesn’t seem to get any scratches or any dirtier – just more and more tanned.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    yes, totally agree. you could think it’s an ad for cosmetics… “worlds can be torn apart but the the makeup works!!!” hehe

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