Photorealism please? Well, almost there…!


This is a Vue testrender i did a few days ago. I dug myself a bit deeper into Vue’s possibilities over the last few days and learned a lot of nice new things. Most importantly that the values in Vue’s options often are not limited to the values the according sliders give/allow you. Especially for fog or aerial perspective… you can use much much higher values than 10 or 100%. I did not notice that to be honest. Now with the right values you can really create something pretty! ‘Almost’ photorealistic… with the right cpu power and enough ram. Check out the pic by clicking on it and you will get a larger version. It’s 80% Vue and 20% Photoshop in there. I couldn’t resist pimping that pic up a bit. =) It’s been a bit quiet with digital art here… but i’m back on track!



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  1. Markus Says:

    Sieht umwerfend aus!

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