A big thanks & Sickness

tigaer-design.com newsOh dear! That were quite some nice 2 weeks. Three awards for my ‘Gates To Elysium’ piece and now the flu. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support! That cgchoice award really was a dream of mine. Now i got that and can scratch it off my list. Due to the flu and lack of motivation i am not really working on something right now. Except a painting i got commissioned for. My brush video should have been done right now but this damn flu rendered me useless over the last few days. So the video is set to a ‘when it’s done’ status now. Aside of that i’m trying to get that flu behind me as soon as possible. So i can finally finish up the things i have on halt now. Crazy anyway, it’s 30°c out there and i’m sitting here with a running nose and headaches! =D That are the things that make you feel alive…



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