What is happening…?

out soon

Basically not much happening. I actually would have tons of photo stuff to submit but i’m crazy lazy. The people who follow me on twitter know that i’m currently working on my personal benchmark painting for this year. My ‘artificial’ or ‘epica’ for this year. A lot of vue stuff in it. Sci-Fi theme. Truly mesmerizing depth. While a friend of mine can’t stand this painting… i, on the other hand, really dig it. I’m excited what you guys will say. It’ll be submitted next week. Includes wallpapers and stuff. :)

The brush video is still alive but i did not find the right time to get it done. Before i’ll finish it up i want to complete my current painting. Which is basically done already. Still fiddling around on some details. It’s basically a video where i explain how i create the custom brushes for the ship concepts i do from time to time. I setting myself a two week deadline to get the video out. Check my twitter for specific updates.



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