Concept Art – CDS24022009 – Creation Process


CDS24022009 – Creation Process – High Quality – Like the previous shorts this one was also a test to find the right settings for screen recording. Here we have me trying so do some abstract landscape stuff. It was fun and i should do more stuff like this. This time i also changed the Photoshop setup so you people can see a bit what’s happening in the palettes.

Depending on how the juices flow it’s 30/60mins time in these designs.

Have Fun!

Hope you can get some inspiration off of this. =)



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  1. Nidhoggur Says:

    Hey, this is a VERY helpful video – I’m trying to improve my photoshop skills, so thanks A LOT!

  2. Tigaer Says:

    that’s what they’re there for. i’m glad it helps you. =)

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