Garden State – Review

movie reviewThis is not a new movie but friends of mine very often told me to have a look at this one. So i did yesterday. I was interested in how Zach Braff handles a bigger movie. Not just this! Beside the main role he also wrote the story and directed this movie.

Alright, the movie starts and here we are, with this guy from the ‘Scrubs’ tv show. And that’s the thing. It’s very hard for actors to get the fact into peoples heads that you can do much more than playing that single character everyone knows from tv. So i wondered if i would watch this movie seeing J.D. from Scrubs or the actual character in the movie. Luckily, after a few minutes, you stop thinking about Scrubs and see the character Mr. Braff is playing. And he’s doing it very good. You really feel for him when there’s bad stuff going on and you hope for him when there’s good things looking at him.

In the end it’s one of lots of “go out, see the world and find yourself” movies. BUT! It really stands out. There’s so (imagine more o’s) much love in this movie. You feel for the characters and what they’ve been through. They all have something to say and the story makes you want to listen to them. It’s about decisions you make in life. You ‘have to’ make in life. And that you, often, should stop thinking and just do something. It sounds simple but it’s sometimes very hard to do. I know that first hand. Our main character really shows us how difficult it can be.

Beside all heart stuff that’s happening, there are also some unique funny moments in this one. Very subtle and hard to recognize when you see it the first time.

A true recommendation. Go check this out!


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