Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan – Review

movie reviewFew days ago i watched an all-time classic from my all-time fav list. First time in original english. So far i only knew it in german. First of all i must say that the original english spoken version is far better. The german translation is good nonetheless. So here we are with the movie that is a reference to one episode of the old original Star Trek series. I’m sure most of you already saw the movie so i’ll not go into the plot details here. Just want to say a few things about it. The performances of all actors are quite good, very believable and seriously performed. Especially William Shatner. He IS James T. Kirk. Ricardo Montalban, playing Khan, delivers a wonderfully sinister villain. The duel that both characters, Kirk and Khan, deliver is surely one of the best in moviemaking history. Khan always seems to be one step ahead, but to see how Kirk maneuvers him out one time after another, really makes this movie great fun. The final battle between the two ships, at the end of the movie, is kind of sci-fi classic too. The way they staged the nebula, visually and physically, really gives an outstanding feeling. The great plus for this movie is that you don’t necessarily need to know anything about Star Trek. It works anyway, for every kind of audience. Even with the cliffhanger at the end. Thumbs up for this great piece of Sci-Fi.

If you haven’t seen the Star Trek movie series. Treat yourself. It’s fun!


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