The Day Earth Stood Still – Review

movie reviewThis one was a movie i really waited for. When i saw the trailer, a few months back, i thought it would be a hell of a movie. Not knowing that the scenes in the trailer already showed the most awesome scenes of the movie itself. Too bad. First of all i want to say that, from the fx perspective, a truly awesome piece of work. The particle effects are a piece of art. That aside… i always had the feeling that they rushed the production. Just to make the movie a pure moneymaker… nothing more. It’s sad since this movie had the chance to really do something outstanding.

Our main characters played by Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly (love her) were a good choice. Especially Reeves, with his minimalistic way of acting, nails his character very well. I cannot figure out why Jennifer Connelly chose this movie. We already saw her amazing skills in movies like ‘Blood Diamond’ or ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Now this popcorn movie? Nonetheless she helps the movie in playing her part in a believable way. The kid, the mandatory kid character…, when you think the girl in ‘War Of The Worlds’ was too much, then you were wrong. Even if i can understand the kids feelings, i think he leaves so stupid comments on everything. “Kill the alien! He’s one of them! He’s evil and bad!!!” – man… and in the end the, also mandatory, happy end between the alien and the boy where they finally understand each other.

Alright, maybe i did expect too much. Quick reminder to myself: Don’t get too excited about movie trailers! =)

Overall i can say that it’s a solid good movie. But the earth definitely didn’t stand still these two hrs.


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  1. Teemu Salomäki Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, the movie had a tremendous amount of potential to become a classic. Now all it had to offer was decent action and artwork, leaving the plot completely out. What I truly missed was a common thread.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    yup. i’m still waiting for an ‘aliens visit earth and make first contact’ movie that shows the global influence of such an event. not just focussing on two or three characters. more something like ‘deep impact’.

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