Max Payne – Review

movie reviewThis was the last bigscreen movie i watched 2008. So… i know the game since i played it… like… years, ages ago. Though i did not exactly remember the storyline anymore. To be honest i was not really excited for the movie. The trailer shows some nice action, so a friend and i took the chance to see it. The movie has action. But it’s also a slow burn. I also thought it could have some more action going on in the beginning. They build up the story in a way that works pretty good with the original game. Lots of familiar elements and definitely the style and graphical flair we know. It’s a dark movie. Much like sin city we have lots of contrasts going on in the night scenes. The overall design and camera work is quite good too which is the reason why the movie did not end up like so many other ‘game-story’ movies. I just saw DOOM again and… hell it’s so crappy. Tons of wasted chances to create something outstanding. Not so with max payne. They really did something with the material they had.

The original characters are played by Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne and Mila Kunis for Mona Sax. They both do a solid job. They both are kind of sexy and their performance works hand in hand with the style of the movie. Nonetheless you somehow wish that the max payne character would have been played by some other actor than Wahlberg. If you ask me then he’s simply… not tall enough. Nonetheless he’s playing it solid good. Maybe a taste thing. You’ll also see some other familiar faces. Beau Bridges and Chris O’Donnell for example. Which i, in the latter case, found interesting.

The ultimate conclusion for me is that it’s a fun movie. If you’re a fan of dark stories, combined with some action… then… see it. It’ll be fun for sure. If you know the game, you should go and see it too. They’ve created a good movie for almost everyone.


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