Hellboy II – Review

movie reviewA week ago i had the pleasure to watch the new hellboy 2 movie. I really liked the first one, even if i regret that i missed it when it was on big screen back then. The humor and the way they approach the visual fx really hit the nerve of my taste. The new one wasn’t any different. The thing that fascinated me the most was the underworld marketplace thingie. So maaaaany different creatures. Amazing designs. Also the look of how they told the story of the golden army, at the beginning of the film, looked great. Nice animations. Today it’s hard to find movies that try out new things and hellboy definitely is one of those.

The acting, through the bench, was good. That’s what i liked about the first movie. All the characters played their roles in a believable way. Only thing i missed was the ‘Meyers’ character. I liked him in the first movie. The good thing is that the replacement works quite nice too. Especially since he’s german… like me. Hehe.

All in all i have to say that it’s a perfect popcorn movie. Lots of fun and a feast for the eyes. I enjoyed it a lot.


Hellboy II – The Golden Army on IMDb

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