Concept Art Update

concept art

After some quiet time in my tiny concept art gallery i managed to get a few designs for it. I never was a big concept artist so far. At least not a rather quick one… not to mention vehicular design. Recently i managed to acquire a technique that will help me significantly when it comes to vehicular design. All the added sketches were done last week. As you can see it’s mostly spacecraft design. What can i say… i’m a sci-fi guy. I’ll definitely continue with this technique and see what ideas my mind can spawn with it. It’s a nice training and easy to continue with. And i surely need training when it comes to that specific matter. My hopes are to add some more cool stuff to the concept art gallery here, that may inspire you folks too.



2 Responses to “Concept Art Update”

  1. Yenkaz Says:

    The 4th concept drawing looks very semiliar to the spacecraft seen in Com-cept 7, and I think I recognise some of the smaller fighters from other pieces as well.

    The newest spaceship design seems far more streamlined and organic then most of the more clear cut spaceships, planning to use it in a later image?

  2. Tigaer Says:

    nope, there is nothing planned. it’s plain training for me. i’m a lover of neat sci-fi spacecraft design. maybe someday i’ll own a technique that can produce some very unique results. :) you never stop to learn… – thanks for the feedback. =)

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