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Normally i don’t write about stuff like this but this time i have to. A few days ago i got invited to join a new gfx community. Another one… – As usual i was pretty skeptical about it. Nonetheless i took a look and kind of liked the concept with which they’re approaching the whole gfx community thing. It’s about ‘collecting’ art. Much like trading cards. People there can upload their art to create so-called ‘flips’. Those have a front and back side. (Which gives some interesting creative possibilities i think) All flips are 1:1, (800×800 for example) can be switched between front and back side and can be zoomed in for details. Once you created a flip it will go into the galleries where it can be collected. Every flip has a certain quantity. Means, can only be collected a certain amount of times. So when there’s a kick ass pic… you better be fast having it in your collection! ‘Favs – extended edition’ like i would call it. I dig that concept!!! The site is still beta. That’s why i’m still skeptical about where it will go. But from what i saw it’s growing and i really hope the concept works out for them. It’s a whole new approach on the matter. That must be rewarded!

So far you can apply for a beta membership. I, for my part, have some invites i can spare.

So check out the site and read what it’s all about. Mail me if you’re interested and i’ll have an invite waiting for you.

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  1. Lucy Says:

    HI Tigaer;
    I loved and I also personally loved flipshake. Well I might be a bit biased. :)
    You see I am the VP of Flispshake and now Media57. We had to move forward in to other projects because the funding for Flipshake came to an end. We would love to revamp this page and are looking for people like you to really make it happen. We would like for this to be a Social media site for the artist a place where we can up load and exchange our favorite art and many other collectables. Would like to hear from you what you felt about this page was missing and what else you would like to see in it. Also, did you get any feedback back when you wrote this article? Can you share?
    Thank you so much for your help. Flipshake was left for a while but we are excited to get some capital back in it and make it bloom.

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