Burn After Reading – Review

movie reviewDo what you need to do long enough, and you will get what you want! And being paranoid and ignorant really helps the cause.” That could be the main line for the plot. Basically it’s very hard to describe the movie since the story is so messed up. Not in a negative way! It’s really fun to watch these characters live through all the crazy things that are happening to them. There is not a single character in the movie that does not contribute the the crazy story. All of them are linked in one way or another. You are temped to say that the story represents the everyday madness that’s going on these days. By that i mean… there ARE stupid people out there! There ARE ignorant people out there! There ARE overly paranoid people out there! And, again, there ARE stupid people out there! So basically the movie covers all stupidity happening every day out there. And it’s hilarious!

All performances were amazingly well done. Especially mr. Pitt and Clooney shoot the bird. The characters they give are soooo… undescribable. To use the word ‘stupid’ wouldn’t really work. Special characters, very well played! It’s really fun to see John Malkovich’s character going nuts.

If you haven’t seen it. Try to check it out!

My rating: 7.75/10

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