Into The Wild – Review

movie reviewThis is a special one. For me, surely, one of THE movies in 2007. I must admit that i missed it when it was on the big screen. Unfortunately. So this review goes with the dvd.

The story is about a young man who just graduated from college. His situation, familiy wise, really makes him angry and he wants to get out. It doesn’t matter where… just out of everything. So he leaves everything behind, spends his money to welfare and wanders off. Without letting anyone know where he’s going. His dream… alaska. On his way he meets a lot of people. As well as their problems. He’s a good listener and tries to help where he can… nonetheless always his target in sight… alaska. He sees the good and bad in people and learns to understand why they are how they are. People tend to like him very much. Nonetheless he’s looking for his own peace in being alone. When he finally got what he wanted, destiny crosses his way. Unexpected things happen and perception finds him. “Happiness is only real when shared…”

It’s a long trip following that young mans trail through the united states. Nonetheless it captures you. I immediately got hooked by the main character. Played so great by Emile Hirsch. Also every single other character in this movie seems to have the perfect pick. Especially Vince Vaughn’s character later in the movie. There are several intense moments where you could shed a tear or two. Sean Penn who directed the movie, once again, shows his talent. In amazing landscape shots he really manages to show the danger and beauty of the wild. The camera work not perfect in technical terms… but exactly perfect for this movie.

This movie is a rough ride that everyone should have taken. It may widen your horizon…


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