Hancock – Review

movie reviewHancock was a movie i was less excited about. I liked the concept of a drunk, broken superhero character. They did the best they could and smith saved the day. Lady theron was sexy! She’s actually not my kind of woman but there are movies where she’s just adorable. This is one of those. Beside lady theron and mr. smith was jason bateman. Even if he’s always playing the same kind of character in all his movies… he does it good. He’s believable and doing his best to give life to the actually rough story. Story wise there is a lot of talk about background details that make you want to know more about everything that’s happening. But they don’t give the audience much more info than short hints about the whys and everything. Lost chances. The movie ending, the same. The movie wants to be more than it is able to deliver. Unfortunately. Nonetheless it’s a fun watch if you don’t expect a too deep story. A typical popcorn movie with a solid good will smith and sexy counterpart charlize theron.


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