Be Kind Rewind – Review

movie reviewYesterday i had the pleasure to watch the latest jack black movie. ‘Be kind rewind’ also stars mos def and danny glover.

I really liked what they did there. All actors were good on their roles and i really love jack black doing his thing. He’s such a variable actor. Beside him mos def in this movie. I don’t know what it is with him… but he really nails his performances. These two made a perfect team in this movie.

The story of the movie actually is a bit flat but the presentation works. Which equals it out. The idea of themselves refilming actual movies, we all grewing up with, fantastic. It’s basically what we, or most of us, wanted to do when we were children. It perfectly works in the movie. And it gives some genuine funny moment for some very hard laughs. Especially that moment when they want to sabotage the power station… mos def on that ladder. Hilarious!

So… if you’re a ‘movies’ fan. Watch it!

7.0/10 from me here.

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