Wall-E – Review

movie reviewAlright. Lots of you have already seen the movie. The movie got released in germany 1 week ago. So… pretty new around here. Saw it today with lots of recommendations in mind. I told everyone not to tell me anything about the story. So i went into the movie without being toooo spoiled about story and everything.

Basically the movie fulfilled everything it promised. I think it’s pixars absolute masterpiece, stroke of genius, and won’t be easily topped by any coming animation feature. The fact that you can follow the both main characters through the whole movie without them really ‘speaking’ is what i hoped for and remarkably realized by pixar. Beside the main plot with the machines… there’s also one with humans. Pixar does it very well showing us how we might end up when everything continues the way it is now. Making everything faster, bigger, more comfortable, easier etc etc etc – even the most unnecessary things become improved moreee and mooore… updated, upgrade, pimped – it sometimes is ridiculous. And we take it… take it take it take it… until we can’t say ‘stop’ anymore. Because we became to tired or lazy to do anything for ourselfes.

The movie, from my pov, should be seen more by adults and not necessarily children. Of course all characters are funny and cute and children surely go crazy! But i think the main plot behind the movie/story is a very serious one. And i doubt too many adults actually realize it because they think it’s a kiddies movie.

The sound and music work so amazingly good. It’s almost magic. The sound effects done by ben burtt (who also ‘created’ r2d2 sound wise) really makes everything appear alive. You immediately look at wall-e as a living character. Not some bunch of bolts and metal. He got a big big heart. All that is so well transported through the sound effects and soundtrack.

The love plot between wall-e and eve is also very lovely visualized. Especially the beginning. When they later dance between the stars, with that great wonderful musical background… that’s when you sit there and smile. You feel for the characters. You want them to be happy. You want them to successfully complete their mission. You’re right there with them.

In the end i must say for what it wants to be… it IS what it wants to be. A wonderful love story. Pixars stroke of genius.


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