Exposé 10 & 11

Expose 10 & 11

Last year I missed posting a neat little article about Exposé Vol. 10 due to various reasons. So a little review for it now. But hey, what else to say than ‘amazing’. Again the quality is just wonderful. Congrats to all the artists who made it in and a thanks to them for creating such massive inspirational content. It’s just a great resource to go back to if you’re stuck in a creative hole. The #10 edition of the book series was something I wanted to be part of so bad! It’s an anniversary release and I consider it an honor to be a part of it. The pic selected for inclusion was Skyhigh. I always liked that one and thought it deserves a spot in one of the Exposé books. So you can imagine how happy I was when it got selected.


‘Science Fiction’

Now it’s time for the new release of Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series. It’s Exposé Vol. 11 and again I was one of the lucky guys (and gals) to become featured in it. This time it’s something special for me. It’s the first time I got an unreleased picture into the book. I always wanted to present a new picture along with the merits of having it featured in this book. Makes me a little proud. Especially since it’s a picture where I tried myself on something a little new. As for the book itself it can again be noted that the quality is great. The selected pictures throughout the categories of the book look great and serve perfect as motivation and inspiration.


Room With A View

Leaving The Fields Of Steel
‘Science Fiction’



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  1. girlwithglasses Says:

    Congratulations on the inclusions in Exposé! I loved your work in the Endeavours series, and the new image looks very intriguing… lovely warm palette, and the interior design gives the piece a slightly retro scifi feel. I’m looking forward to having it grace my desktop!

  2. Tigaer Says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! Very appreciated! I’m glad you enjoy the pics =) I’m always having a hard time with the wallpapers since they usually have a different aspect ratio than the original pictures. So it’s nice to hear when someone enjoys them nonetheless! =)

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