Art Ripping

newsOver the last few weeks and months i experienced a lot of ripping of my paintings and work. May it be for cheap banners, webdesigns, layouts or even paid contests – there was even a company that SOLD my wallpapers on their site. All that without permission of course. Luckily that site is closed down now. I’m wondering what makes it so hard to contact the artist and maybe politely ask about a permission for this or that? If you are friendly you might get what you need. It’s just not correct and fair behaviour to just take what you see and even claiming that the work is yours. Do these people know they are doing something bad? Are they aware that there are copyrights on pictures? Do they know, and understand, that a lot of work went into the photo, painting or design that they are stealing? I don’t know. I also highly doubt that the situation on ripping art will ever change.

Nonetheless… feel free to contact me if you need something. Play fair and you might get what you are looking for.

Thank you.



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  1. Tolana Says:

    I understand completely. I also agree that the situation is unlikely to change soon. Having worked with “content contributors” who add information to their portion of a larger website (like a department within a university), I know that a good number of people are simply ignorant — they think that because something is online, it’s free to use elsewhere online. Others probably know better, but think you’ll never find them among the millions of websites out there. I guess we can only educate those we can reach.

    I hope you don’t run into any further troubles. Your artwork is simply gorgeous. Best of luck!

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